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It's Christmas day and Kev runs into a few problems.
(Kev's full name is Kogel/Evel Vitek 997: Hunter/Killer Android 997. Kev wasn't born. The Apfer created him from biologically engineered cells. Kev had been created, along with 1023 comrades, to fight the Krllk. The Krllk were an evolved-insect race that had threatened an entire galaxy. In order to defeat the Krllk before they wiped out all other sentient life in the galaxy, the Apfer had created enough warriors and enough advanced war machines to defeat the Krllk; if only just barely. The warriors and the war machines would be consumed by the battles against the Krllk. Even if a few of the Krllk survived the battles, they would be no threat and could be handled directly by the Apfer.
If even one of the KEV survived, the Apfer plan for the gradual evolution of the sentient beings of the galaxy to The Conversion would be impacted in some negative way. Kev isn't exactly sure what the problem is. It might be some sort of religious thing with the Apfer.)
Kev runs into a woman and her daughter, panhandling on the street. Kev buys them supper and then they try to rob him.
Kev uses a poison throwing star and escapes and then is held up by another woman. Kev again escapes.
Key must then leave the area. As he prepares, a man tries to rob him. Kev hits the man, who dies.
Kev then manages to rob drug dealers and obtains the money he must have to finance his escape.
However, Christmas or no, a whole city is looking for Kev.

Fantascienza e fantasy
17 dicembre
R. Richard

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