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Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. M/F

Commander TylOR of the Kiljorn nation has a mission, to guard the wormhole from their enemies. He shares this mission with the half brother that he only recently met. The two brothers don’t get along. To make matters worse, the one female that has plagued him since he first met her is going to be traveling with him. His brother tortures him with constantly flirting with the female. TylOR fights his inner battle to claim the female. If he doesn’t soon encounter an enemy he can kill, he might have to take out his brother while waiting.

Dr. Elizabeth, Lizzie, Connell has a PhD in linguistics, a doctorate in social cultures, and a doctorate in foreign languages. She has traveled all over Earth learning new cultures and experiencing the thrill of living on the edge. When she travels to Katiera she thinks it will be the pentacle of her academic career. Lizzie gets a lot more education than she anticipated. First she is almost captured by the Katierans’ long time enemy the Morins, and then she is sort of rescued by the most egotistical man she has ever met. Also, he is the most attractive man she has ever met, one that she is having a hard time ignoring. Lizzie survives one battle from the Morins, only to find herself fighting an internal battle of wills that she fears has an inevitable outcome.

TylOR and Lizzie have fought their attraction for one another from the very beginning. They have tried to ignore each other but now circumstances have changed forcing them to be in close proximity of one another. They must face their feelings for one another while handling the dangers they are thrown in. Will they survive long enough to see their relationship through? Will the enemy end them before they can start? Come see their journey as both TylOR and Lizzie discover that there are some things you just can’t fight and some things that are worth fighting for.

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KD Jones

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