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All four books of the passion series in one big bundle for your convince.
Box set Includes: Awoken By Passion; Edge Of Darkness; Born Of Light; Blood And Fruit.
Advisable for Matured readers. Adult themed.
Kera Watson’s life is turned upside down in a single moment when she wakes from a two week coma to discover she has no voice and her best friend died in a mysterious accident, which deepens when she meets Ethan Coffer, dangerously sexy and able to hear her thoughts. The secrecy deepens in a twist of hidden power, love and vampire lore.
Tristan and Stacy will tease and taunt you with their roller coaster ride through the transition of life. Tristan Coffer has been a vampire for well over a century. He knows the ins and outs of vamp life. He knows the rush, the temptations and all things that are associated with blood, but when it comes to Stacy Gilbert. Everything changes. She’s lived in Kenneth her whole life, nothing bothered her, and life was simple, until she met Tristan. A vampire.
Blood and Fruit will explore in the supernatural life of the Dundine kin and the prophecies surrounding them all.
What could possibly go wrong on a full moon?
For Trey, everything. For Hunter, the unexpected. For Lilly, the unthinkable. For Castiel, the impossible For Ella, the unavoidable. For Lucifer, Freedom. Blood and Fruit tells the tale through six different points of view leading up to the blood moon rise and all that follows.

Fantascienza e fantasy
4 aprile
RJ Dale

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