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Then the Order doctors were worrying after Rosetta, and Keaton stepped back to let them tend to her wounds. Representatives for the various Parchments and Speakers asked him questions and he answered. Yes, he and Rosetta were in a relationship. Yes, he was very impressed with her performance. Yes, he was very prepared for his fight with Mantis. It worried him that this last felt like a lie. “What do you think about the announcement,” one of the writers asked, “that Rosetta is set to fight the Queen of Foxes in just over a month?” Keaton was confused. “Doesn’t the Queen have at least one more fight between now and then?” he asked. “Rosetta should have at least 12 weeks preparation time.” "Shinen was next in line, but she was injured in training,” the writer said. “Rosetta is stepping in to replace her. What do you think of the match up?” Keaton felt cold. “I think Rosetta is ready for anything,” he said. This also felt like a lie. Keaton looked through the mob of people and stared at Rosetta. She was sitting on a stool, eyes closed as the Order doctor stitched up her arm. She looked so small sitting there. He had to train her, and he had to beat Mantis. So he would do both. If that was even possible.

Fantascienza e fantasy
January 18
Malcolm W. Keyes

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