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Gerrard Dickson proposes here a series of alternative theories of astronomy, the place of the Earth and Sun in the universe, and the mathematics of the cosmos.

After a revelatory experience, Gerrard Dickson began to dispute the distances involved between the Earth and the Sun. This book broadens and expands its scope, questioning the validity of underlying assumptions in astronomical science. Using the work of the ancient Greek and Roman scientists as a starting point, Dickson takes us forward through millennia of developments, asserting throughout that the basis of established science is unsound and thus in need of substantial overhaul.

The later chapters of this book are occupied with refuting the theories propagated by the physicist Albert Einstein. Conceding that the notion of relativity is clever, Dickson nevertheless posits that it is based on unsound assumptions and is thus invalid. For the author, relativity is – alongside Newtonian physics and earlier theories of antiquity – a further step toward the wrongness that defines conventional astronomy.

Although his ideas gained some notice for their novelty, the alternative hypotheses of astronomy posited by Dickson have been discredited. Successful use of conventional astronomic calculations in fields such as avionics, rocketry, space exploration, and communication satellites have affirmed that established mathematics and distances agreed on by science are sound. However, Dickson’s theories remain a curiosity - it is to sate this that this book is reprinted, complete with the author’s own illustrated diagrams.

Scienza e natura
19 dicembre
Pantianos Science

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