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Lick Me: Sexy Lesbian Stories is a collection of 5 sexy sapphic stories of erotic lesbian love, steamy encounters, first-time experiences, dominant and submissive lesbian experiences, and of new barriers broken, and new peaks crested.

Contained in this novel-length collection of sexy lesbian stories are the books:
Playing with the Girls
Before shipping off to college, four inexperienced girls experiment, and learn very new and very intimate things about each other…
The Invitation
I’m invited to a showing of highly exclusive erotic arts, and experience far, far more than I could ever have imagined… or hoped.
The Jogger
Trying to keep up with another jogger, I find myself more and more drawn to her… and feeling increasingly competitive. But then she proposes a totally unexpected contest: Who can make the other climax first?
Mile High Neighbor
Most of the time, having a job where you have to travel a ton is bad news. But sometimes, sometimes it’s really good news… Because sometimes you get an unforgettable experience. This is one of those experiences… and I’ll never forget her.
Caught Speeding
Brandi is pulsed over by a real bull of a cop… and she knows she’s in trouble. This hungry policewoman wants more than to just write her a ticket… And she’s going to get it, one way or another.

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18 novembre
Lady Goldstar

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