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If you are struggling with holding on to hope in a seemingly hopeless world or if you desire to gain insightful and Scriptural wisdom on dealing with some of the demands and issues of life, then journey with me through this Scriptural inspirational book: Living in Hope and Wisdom with Prayers

As I have journeyed this life, I have found that the only constant we can hope in and gain wisdom from is our Heavenly Creator, who is the Almighty and all powerful God. We live in an ever changing world, but the One who changes not is the triune being: God the Father, God the Son and Savior, Lord Jesus Christ and the powerful indwelling of the Holy Spirit . In addition, we also need to hold fast to the transforming power of Gods living words within the book that enlightens and transforms us: The Holy Scriptures.

In this book, Living in Hope and Wisdom with Prayers, you will learn that there are certain things that you need to know and to do in order to live a successful spiritual life. You see, when we allow God to transform our spirit man, then we also can allow God access to transform our physical life as well. Jesus first miracle was where he changed the molecular structure of water into wine. Jesus is still working miracles especially in the lives of individuals. He is still changing the lives of ordinary people to do extraordinary things! This book is a testament to His transforming power in my life. Jesus holds the absolute power to transform lives from the inside out, but we must choose to allow Him to do so.

Living in Hope and Wisdom with Prayers will help you to see the light and help you to have hope in Christ Jesus for your personal change! Read, meditate, put your hope in God and be refreshed by the wisdom of God with prayers as you gain a transformed life today!

Prayer: May these words of hope and wisdom with prayers wash your mind, spirit and soul and make you whole in Jesus name Amen!

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5 dicembre

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