Living on a Rolling Stone

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This is the life story of a man and woman who saw, felt and breathed the tragedy of loss in their lives and yet have struggled to find love, happiness and purpose in spite of it all. They sought to understand who they were and the reason for their existence. In researching John's ancestors there seemed to be a great deal of secrecy about who his mother was. The family was told she was an unwanted child whose mother had left her on the doorstep of the Catholic Church in Italy, with no birth or baptism or any identification or who the baby belonged to or who it was that had left the child there. It has always been a mystery if this was true or if she really was born to the mother who raised her, and who brought her to the United States from Italy? How old was she? Family members say, they thought she was about the age of three? No one had ever seen this child before. From the stories told by the extended family, she was not treated very nicely like the other children in the family.

Would John ever find the answers to such a puzzled background? Would there ever be a time of real peace and understanding concerning his mother?

As a Christian John wondered what purpose God had to allow this to be. Is He the God of the Universe concerned only with our eternal destiny or is He a personal God that looks after and provides protection and love to His children? Would God grant his request for an answer to the mystery his heart had so long waited for?

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