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Anyone who has a cell phone or PC has heard about the
Love Story: In The Cloud, is a Sci-fi, legal thriller filled with romance, adventure and paranormal experiences.

Anyone who has a cell phone or PC has heard about the computing cloud where everything is stored. In this story Ken Renshaw reveals there is also a psychic cloud that connects us all. The psychic cloud is the science part of this sic-fi thriller.

This in not a Harlequin-type love story. It about Dave, a logic-oriented attorney, and Tina, a metaphysically-oriented woman, who explore channeling, past lives, and ESP as their differences dissolve and they fall in love.

The story is about the paranormal. Dave and Tina meet aliens, trance channels, past-life therapists, and discover their ESP love connection that transcends space and time.

This is a legal thriller. Dave puts ESP on trial in a thrilling trial involving a psychic spy. A terrorist plots to murder Dave during the trial.

It’s also an adventure story about Dave piloting a sailplane. He takes Tina on a romantic flight above the clouds. Later, he soars across the Mojave Desert and into the Sierras in a thrilling flight.

The novel practically vibrates with the relentless activity of all these interconnected plot-threads moving to a highly satisfactory end.

Fantascienza e fantasy
24 gennaio
Ken Renshaw

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