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Want To Know What’s Really Going On Under Three Act Screenplay Structure?

This screenwriting book moves past generic screenplay analysis of structure, i.e. three big, boring acts, to discover the seven sequences underpinning them.

“Master Screenplay Sequences” will revolutionize your understanding of structure by showing you how to break scripts down into manageable ten to fifteen minute chunks, or “mini-movies.”

-- Fully understand how to make conflict easier to create and escalate by utilizing sequences.

-- Structure your entire script much more easily by breaking it down into 7 or 8 “mini movies” rather than big, long acts.

-- Write your screenplays quicker and easier than ever before.

-- Learn how to create “page turner” screenplays, just like the pros by using the highs and lows natural to sequence structure.

This Book Includes…

1. A complete analysis of sequences missing from most screenwriting books and courses enabling you to step up to the level of pro regarding structure.

We fully explain how sequences work by breaking them down to show their inner workings — how they should be viewed as “mini movies” with their own 3 act structure and how they fit within the overall screenplay.

2. Breakdowns of 5 popular films demonstrating how sequences are applied by professional screenwriters in their screenplays.

We take a look at one movie in each of the major genres, showing how sequences are applied across all types of films, from Comedies to Horrors.

Who Should Buy This Book?

Any screenwriter who wants to…

-- Break their script into 7 or 8 manageable chunks making it easier to navigate that long, long 2nd act and easier to write overall.

-- Get powerful and practical tools to truly master screenplay structure and take command of their story.

-- Learn how sequences are self-contained “mini-movies” with 3 acts (segments) and 6 major plot points of their own.

-- Make conflict easier to write by escalating tension toward sequence plot points instead of act plot points.

-- Produce a tightly written screenplay that will win contests and attract the attention of agents, managers and producers.

-- Learn how everything fits together in a screenplay — how acts, sequences, segments and scenes all use the same plot points.

We’ve Helped 100’s Of Screenwriters Master Structure…

And now we’ve put all our years of knowledge into this book. 

After learning and applying our sequence method, many of our writers have quickly gained representation with an agent or manager.

Others have optioned or sold their first screenplay.

Some have gone on to win or place in the top 5 of major screenwriting contests.

Learn how to apply sequences to your screenplay and join the ranks of satisfied screenwriters.

The Truth Is This: If you want to make it as a screenwriter, a total knowledge of sequences and how they underpin 3 act structure is essential. 

That’s why we decided to write this book, as we felt this crucial information is really absent from most books on screenwriting and courses.

It’s time to break free from the generic framework of 3 acts and only 5 major plot points. 

Learn from the breakdowns of 5 great films — one from each major genre — the true inner workings

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