Master The Art of Trading Master The Art of Trading

Master The Art of Trading

An Indispensable Guide to Investing

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Master the Art of Trading is an accessible and engaging primer geared to help novice and established traders alike, equipping them to hit the ground running and to make an impact.

Do you get confused between commodities and crypto? Do candlestick graphs make your eyes water? Have you ever wondered how psychology can give you an edge in the market? Master the Art of Trading is a new, comprehensive, up-to-the-minute primer that teaches readers all of this and more.

Trading has never been more popular. From hobbyists to armchair investors to day-traders: in recent years we have seen a boom unlike anything before as people look to the markets, whether from home or the office. However without the right tools, training and techniques, these same people can often be a danger to themselves - and their pockets.

In Master the Art of Trading trader, educator, and CEO of the wildly successful Mayfair Method, Lewis Daniels, offers a quick, easy, and comprehensive roadmap to trading. It explores the grand theories and behavioural economics underpinning the markets, from Elliot Wave Theory to Composite Man. It unpicks visual data, such as candlestick graphs and trend lines. It equips readers with the correct tools to make sense of the data and to make better trades. And it helps readers uncover their innate strengths, realise their propensity for risk, and discover what sort of trader they are - on order to optimise their behaviour to make them as effective as possible.

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