Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: A Successful Mediterranean Diet To Lose Weight With Instant Pot

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Mediterranean cuisine is the food and methods of preparation used by the people of the Mediterranean Basin. The idea of a Mediterranean cuisine originates with the cookery writer Elizabeth David's book, A Book of Mediterranean Food (1950), and was amplified by other writers working in English. Many writers define the three core elements of the cuisine as the olive, wheat, and the grape, yielding olive oil, bread and pasta, and wine; other writers deny that the widely varied foods of the Mediterranean basin constitute a cuisine at all. A common definition of the geographical area, proposed by David, covered follows the distribution of the olive tree. - Wikipedia

Are you looking for a healthy way to lose weight, prevent disease and live longer?

Do you want to save your precious time and money when cooking your dinners? You may have heard about the Mediterranean Diet before. And This book is a comprehensive guide with Instant Pot recipes to introduce you to the Mediterranean diet. Inside the book, you will know all essentials of the Mediterranean diet.

Meantime, the wide variety of food choices might surprise you, and you will never go hungry. Recipes for some healthy snacks are also included to help the adjustment. This is not a diet of calorie counting, but rather a diet that eliminates unhealthy foods. It is a diet whereby you can lose weight, by eating the healthy Ingredients mentioned in this book. Make sure you have smaller portion sizes if you wish to lose weight. Moreover, always include essential daily exercise, to keep a healthy heart.

Sit down and discover some interesting facts, then prepare some of the delicious recipes. Buy this book now and enjoy the healthy foods.

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