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Welcome to This Year's Most Ambitious Game - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. With the AI-powered gaming, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is the newest of the popular Microsoft simulation game series. Advances in technology from Microsoft will show us what's ahead for the world of video games.

This Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Guide to the game will give you from the basic to advance information you need to fly. Check out important tips on flying, navigating and control the game before you master the sky. Author also gives you the tools you need to have the perfect VR experience with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Version 2.1 (05-02-2021):

•ADDED NEW - Virtual Reality tutorial and guide

•ADDED NEW - World Update II: Europe Section

•ADDED NEW - Four new airports based on the free World Update (Europe and US) for the simulator

•FIXED - All pages have footer with the version number

•FIXED - Images missing from Airbus A321neo

Here’s the table of content:

- Flight Simulator: How to turn on Autopilot - the game's AI to fly your plane for you

- Flight Simulator: How do I find my home from the air

- Flight Simulator: Airplane painting or livery - how to change

- Introduce all Game Modes - list of challenges and opportunities to fly around the world.

- Realism, facilitation - difficulty levels, which options affect the level of realism of the flight or what facilities they offer

- Analog Cockpit – How to read the most important instruments and indicators in the analog cockpit of older types of aircraft

- ILS Frequencies - how to view the ILS frequencies for a runway in order to land on it by instrumentation

- Taxi to the runway - how to find the right way to the runway while taxiing - meaning of letter signs and light taxiways

- Change of Direction - How to control your airplane in the sky

- Understand the in-flight toolbar - All the options and capabilities of the toolbar and which ones are most useful

- All errors in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – how to fix them

- Airports in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – All airports and runways from which you can take off and land all over the Earth

- How to Save the Game

- Rolling Cache - Manage disk space efficiently and reduce the amount of data you download from your network

- Virtual Reality set-up tutorial and guide

- At the last step this book will guide to perform a completed flight with a basic aircraft.

Buy now and enjoy playing.

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