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Ketogenic Diet is a simple diet without any hassles. A great thing is that you take away all the empty calories from things like grains, starches and sugars and instead target nutrient-dense, satisfying food instead. As a direct result, you eat less food in volume. This translates to needing less space to store it. In addition, because of the effects of a ketogenic diet on hunger, you'll be able to simply lower the quantity of meals you eat per day. This diet offers a greater level of freedom from food, and if situation demands, you'll be able to easily fast for definite intervals of time without any issue.

Many people who have had health problems in the past have found Ketogenic diet to be quite magical. In a couple of weeks, they observe that switching to this diet helped them in lowering inflammation especially gastritis (inflammation of the gut lining) as well as joint pains, migraines and headaches. 

A great side-benefit of following a Ketogenic diet is that you don't need spend hours after hours working out in order to stay in shape or get ripped. This again gives you more time and energy to pursue other things that really matter to you. 
Both Minimalism and Ketogenic diet complement each other well as they are both based on intentionality, letting go of the excess and focusing on the essentials.

In this world of excess and information overload where we are constantly bombarded with health and fitness advice, Ketogenic diet is a simple strategy to take charge of our well-being and it's definitely worth considering or at least experimenting with.

In this book, you'll learn:

-How Minimalism and Ketogenic Diet complement each other?
-A Comprehensive Overview of the Ketogenic Diet
-Benefits of Ketogenic Diet
-What to Eat on Keto
-Foods to Avoid
-Minimalist Keto Recipes

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