Modern Romance July 2024 Books 5-8 Modern Romance July 2024 Books 5-8

Modern Romance July 2024 Books 5-8

Heir Ultimatum (The Diamond Club) / Greek's Forbidden Temptation / Reclaimed with a Ring / Italian's Stolen Wife

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Four red-hot romances from Mills & Boon!

Heir Ultimatum

Michelle Smart

Her demand: five million. His counter-offer: marriage!

After a spontaneous desire-fuelled encounter with Sebastiano Russo leaves Layla pregnant, she’ll do anything to support her unborn child. Demanding a small share of Sebastiano’s billions seems reasonable enough. Then he gives her an ultimatum of his own—double or nothing if, to distract the world from some inconvenient business headlines, she’ll marry him in Sicily…

Greek's Forbidden Temptation

Millie Adams

Strictly off-limits…until now!

Ariadne has never forgotten the blistering kiss she once shared with playboy Dionysus…even after she married his ‘safer’ brother. Now she’s tragically widowed, Ariadne wants Dionysus to help her protect his brother’s legacy—by giving her an heir! And alone with him on his private Greek island there’s nowhere to hide from the flame that started burning years ago. Dare she risk everything by surrendering to it?

Reclaimed with a Ring

Louise Fuller

Back to claim his bride!

Lily’s fiery connection with tycoon Trip is inexplicable, but undeniable…until a thrill-seeking expedition leaves Trip missing, presumed dead. Weeks later he stuns everyone with his return—and an engagement announcement! To stabilise his position as CEO he urgently requires a wife…and he’s chosen Lily. Usually guarded, she’s reluctant to indulge this ring ruse. But their reawakened passion might leave her powerless to refuse…

Italian's Stolen Wife

Lorraine Hall

Stolen in her wedding dress!

For billionaire Aristide, crashing his half-brother’s wedding seems the perfect revenge on the family that rejected him. Stealing the bride…? Even better. But Francesca Campo is not the demure heiress he expected—she’s fiery and reckless, with a passion that thrills him. And as she matches Aristide’s demands touch for touch and kiss for kiss, the lines of their convenient agreement become dangerously blurred…

Romanzi rosa
4 luglio
Mills & Boon

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