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Type: short story word count 18,700
Begin this novella series by reading this short story 'Monster of Monsters #1 Part One: Mortem's Opening' and enter a world of wonder and monsters.

Light and darkness...

All Kein wanted was to be devoured. As an orphan, she had been told since joining her school that it was very important that a house or clan devour her so when she met a creature promising to devour her, she was confused at first but then she was consoled that someone wanted her.

A world of monsters and vampires and a world of humans...

Loneliness can be a very strong emotion but it can also be a very strong motivator so even when a creature of the darkness invited her to come to her, innocence heeded the call. Kein began an adventure of heartache and joy as she walked the paths of shadow and light. She would discover what it was to be devoured as a dangerous game drew her into a deadly realm of wishes, revenge, hope, desire, love, and terror.

Monster of Monsters Science Fiction Horror Action Adventure Novella Serial Series:
1. MOM #1 Part One: Mortem's Opening
2. MOM #1 Part Two: Mortem's Contestant
3. MOM #1 Part Three: And Let The Real Games Begin
4. MOM #1 Part Four: A Bargain Has Been Struck...

Terror… Horror… A deadly lair… and that is just Kein’s young adult years. Monsters and vampires surround her and seem to gravitate toward her. Will she survive long enough to find out why?

Journey with Kein through a supernatural world of classic monsters and monsters never seen before. Watch her encounter the Vampire Labaron or is he the Vampire Lafayette? In this science fiction horror, Kein must find a way to end a deadly and apocalyptic game that seems to have no end as the Mortem devours contestant after contestant. A mystery surrounds the Mortem, the game where humans go up against monsters in a game of survival where most die. In this mystery thriller, Kein is looking for the one person who had been her family, the one person who brought light into her darkness. Can she find them in this post-apocalyptic world that seems to care for no one? A dystopian landscape filled with fearsome and terrifying dangers surround Kein as she must face monster after monster but she's not completely helpless. Kein has a secret of her own. An action-adventure book that takes the reader to dark realms, familiar blood-curdling horrors, and terrors of old. A werewolf, zombie hordes, a dragon, Dr. Jekyll, and Mr. Hyde are just a few of the creatures and beings within the Mortem. As a child, Kein was frightened by ghost stories, unexplained incidents, and sinister tales of things that go bump in the night, but she never imagined a world filled with such spine-chilling horrors. Paranormal mystery surrounds the game that is the Mortem. The Monster of Monsters series is geared for a young adult to an adult so the book is a good read for all ages. YA science fiction horror book that brings a little light into a world bathed in blood and saturated with violence. Fall in love with the characters and places as Kein searches for the family she never had. Can monsters be family? Find out in this ya science fiction fantasy novel that merges sci-fi tech and science with magical and mythical worlds of fantastic wonder. A young adult horror book about monsters and a deadly game and the bonds of family no matter what form it might take. Venture with Kein as she searches for someplace to belong. Kein finds friends among monsters or is it the monsters have found their next meal? YA horror action-adventure book with heart and bite. A lethal game filled with monsters, deadly traps, and dangerous quests. YA supernatural novel about family and friends. Kein as a young adult coming of age had to endure a lot. Even her name, which has a terrible meaning to it, is something she has to overcome. It was a horrendous thing to do to a preteen. Kein endured even more as a teenager. Terror, mystery, adventure... Enter the Mortem…

Fantascienza e fantasy
28 luglio
Kristie Lynn Higgins

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