Mudras for Awakening Chakras: 19 Simple Hand Gestures for Awakening and Balancing Your Chakras

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Your Beginner's Guide to Understanding, Awakening and Balancing the Seven Chakras!!!

Mudras for Chakras is all about educating you about the basics of the chakras and Ancient Vedic Chakra Healing technique which involve achieving everlasting health, physically and emotionally by awakening and balancing your Chakras.

The 7 Energy Inlets

The 'Universal Life energy' enters the human body at Seven (7) specific points, located along our spine. These points are THE CHAKRAS.Simply put, The Seven Chakras are the inlet energy taps of the human body.All these Chakras are associated with certain Glands and Vital Organs and the energy entering the Chakras is lead to them for proper functioning and nourishment.If a Chakra is Closed, Blocked or Un-Balanced then these Vital Organs and Glands are malnourished leading to further complications and diseases. (Both on a physical and meta-physical level)It is possible to Awaken and Balance Your Chakras by performing Simple Hand Gestures called as 'Mudras'.You don't believe me?? Try out for yourself.These Mudras work wonders!!

Discover:: 19 Simple Hand Gestures for Awakening and Balancing your Chakras

This book details a variety of Simple Hand Gestures called as Mudras, that when performed regularly will Awaken and Balance your Chakras and let you achieve everlasting health.Some of the Mudras that you'll discover inside this book are:# Muladharchakramudra / Mudra of Root Chakra# Mushtimudra / Mudra of Fist# Gadamudra / Mudra of Spear# Shaktimudra / Mudra of The Divine Feminine# Garudamudra / Mudra of EagleEverlasting Physical and Emotional Health is Achievable!! Just perform these Simple Hand Gestures regularly.

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