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A Must-Have, First-of-Its-Kind Book Filled with Honesty and Wisdom from Parents of Multiples 

Did you just discover that you are pregnant . . . with twins, triplets or more? Are you wondering how you will cope caring for more than one baby? 

Multiples Illuminated dives deep into the world of raising multiples with beautiful stories and helpful advice. In it, you will find essays on: 

· Infertility help and hope

· Finding out and coping with a multiples pregnancy

· Stories of labor and delivery

· Stories from the NICU

· Breastfeeding best practices for multiples

· Surviving the infant and toddler stages

Multiples Illuminated is a compelling collection of stories from writers and parents of multiples, as well as expert advice that is a must-have for all parents and grandparents of multiples. Having multiples is one of the most wonderful and challenging experiences you will have in your life. Whether you’re expecting multiples, or a few years into the multiples club, you will find stories you love in Multiples Illuminated. 

“The essays and advice in the book shine a light on what it means—what it really means—to carry, birth and raise two or three little humans at the same time.” – Lauren Apfel, Mother of Twins, Debate Editor at Brain, Child Magazine, Writer

“Prepare to be dazzled. . . . . Multiples Illuminated will guide you through multiple madness with mindfulness, humor, and joy.” - Joan A. Friedman, PHD, Twin Expert, Author and Speaker

A great read with a little humor mixed in for the reader. I love it!" - Kim England, Education Vice President, Multiples of America

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