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A Story of Becoming and Awakening - Learn the Way of The Mayan Shaman - The Making of a Healer

Let me begin by saying In Lak’ech. This Mayan greeting means “YOU ARE ANOTHER ME” or “I AM ANOTHER YOU”. The traditional Mayan interpretation simply means “I am you. You are me.” In this book, a story I wrote about my experience when I was only 10 years old, we will journey to sacred realms. You will meet my Shaman and learn about awakening to the spirit world.

˃˃˃ A Shaman is a Healer and a Sage

My Shaman taught people the way of the shaman. He taught me how to heal myself and others with the energy medicine of the Americas. We spent a lot of time in Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico and we went to sacred Mayan ruins together. Climbing all the way to the top of some of the Mayan sacred sites, I felt I had shamanic encounters with another reality. I was scared, but at the same time - it was something I had to do. If you want to be a healer who makes a difference, you have to do the work in the spiritual realm.

˃˃˃ Walking in Light - An Urban Shaman Living

Sometimes I feel it is purely a journey of light, and other times it is a journey between the realms, between the dark and the daylight. I am so grateful to my mother who supported my shamanic awakening. She encouraged me to learn to communicate with all of nature and to practice animal speak. I learned the spiritual and magical powers of creatures, great and small. But most of all, I came to know myself more. This gave me great strength and power. It gave me confidence needed to walk through the world maintaining wonder and a desire to heal and help others.

˃˃˃ The Shamanic Path is one of Direct Revelation

Mayan Shamanism is one spirit medicine from our mother earth and father sky. It is a knowing of the ancient ways to ultimate wellness and connection.

Now I am older, I study the works of Carlos Castaneda and read books like, Journey To Ixtlan, Tales of Power, Power of Silence, Fire from Within, Second Ring of Power, Eagle's Gift, The Wheel Of Time and others. I feel at one with my environment and feel I hold my own set of keys to the spirit world.

This is not a how-to or a handbook. This is a simple story or a boy who wanted to be a shaman, and so he was. I share my story that it may inspire you to walk the path of the shaman and to allow your children the same gift.

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