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According to Guinness World Records, there have been five billion copies of the Bible printed and distributed throughout the world, covering two-thirds of earths population. But with all that exposure, only a few Bible owners have actually read through its contents and fewer still have any idea of its life-enriching themes.

In spite of modern societys scientific advances, thoughtful people everywhere are still in search of lifes persistent great questions like:

Is there more to my life than meets the eye?

Why should I believe that God exists?

Is everything just a giant cosmic accident, including me?

Am I more than the sum of my parts? Who am I?

Is there a problem between me and God?

What can I do about it? Why bother?

Whats the big deal about Christianity?

This book humbly addresses these and other burning questions through the prism of the living, breathing, holy Bible. Along the way, you will be introduced to two of the most spiritually therapeutic truth streams that bubble across the Bibles pages. Whether you are a seeker or confirmed believer, these themes will literally revolutionize your understanding of the original, unembellished Christian faiththe faith that turned the then-known world upside down.

Do you want to be a truly fulfilled person? Here is authentic fulfillment: becoming the kind of person God created you to bea person who is fully alive, as Dallas Willard put it. C. S. Lewis wisely observed, Aim at Heaven and you will get Earth 'thrown in': aim at Earth and you will get neither. Interested?

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