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THIS BOOK PREDICTED COLUMBIA DISASTER.. NASA New Millennium Problems and Solutions is a wake up call about the dire conditions of the U.S. space transportation program. NASAs management philosophy of faster, better, cheaper has resulted in the Agency trying to do, too much... with too little... too fast. The space programs momentum has been eroded by NASAs numerous project failures, cost overruns, and mismanagement. NASAs space transportation operations have been compromised to the point where serious safety conditions exist. Astronauts, ground personnel, and even the general public are exposed to unsafe flight operations. This book examines the following daunting questions:

Why isnt the Space Shuttle safe?

Why doesnt the Space Shuttle have a crew escape system?

What happened to NASAs commercial Space Shuttle?

Will the International Space Station be worth the cost?

Was the X-33/VentureStar launch project a $1 billion blunder?

Are the proposed X-33 population over-flight tests safe?

Will the human exploration of Mars be postponed for decades?

Is there light at the end of this dark tunnel?

This book gives the reader with an insiders knowledge of decisions that have placed the future of the U.S. space transportation programs in grave peril. It is a compelling reading for the space enthusiast, the aerospace professional community, those seeking aerospace careers, and political supporters and opponents of the space program.

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