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'Popular Culture—Serial Culture is the first book to explore serial fiction and the city-mysteries novel in a transatlantic context. Thoughtfully edited and introduced by Daniel Stein and Lisanna Wiele, Popular Culture—Serial Culture features original essays on many aspects of nineteenth-century serial publication by scholars from various countries. This book is an important and timely contribution to book history and transatlantic cultural studies.'
— David S. Reynolds, CUNY Graduate Center, author of Mightier than the Sword: “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and the Battle for America and Beneath the American Renaissance

 'Popular Culture—Serial Culture addresses in a comprehensive and thoughtful way a significant gap in our scholarship on early popular culture: the complicated and generative transnational circulation of serial texts through an increasingly frenetic popular print culture defined by piracies, “borrowings,” and adaptations. Popular Culture—Serial Culture allows us to reorient our understanding of popular culture by finally making visible how popular culture was always complicating national borders and literary cultures in ways that have ramifications for how we must understand pop culture today.'
Jared Gardner, Professor and Director of Popular Culture Studies at The Ohio State University, USA, and author of Master Plots: Race and the Founding of an American Literature, 1787-1845 and The Rise and Fall of Early American Magazine Culture
'As an enthusiast for the transnational turn in literary studies, with a special interest in the nineteenth-century serial boom, I am delighted to see this fine collection in print.'
 — Graham Law, Professor in Media History, Waseda University, Japan

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