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NMR Case Studies: Data Analysis of Complicated Molecules provides a detailed discussion of the full logical flow associated with assigning the NMR spectra of complex molecules, also helping readers further develop their NMR spectral assignment skills. The robust case studies present the logic of each assignment, from beginning to end, fully exploring the available range of potential solutions.

Readers will gain a better appreciation of various approaches and develop an intuitive sense for when this particular concept should be implemented, thus enhancing their skillsets and providing a host of methodologies potentially amenable to yielding correct assignments.

Authored by a scientist with more than 20 years of experience in research and instruction, this book is the ideal reference for anyone in search of application-based content. The book addresses complicated molecules, including corticosteroids, biomolecules, polypeptides, and secondary metabolites.
Features the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectra of a number of large and interesting molecules, ranging from corticosteroids, to secondary metabolites and large synthetically prepared moleculesUses case studies to pair the spectral signals from the various sites of each molecule to their molecular counterparts in a process called assignmentIncludes complex NMR problems, aiding readers in the development of NMR spectral assignment skillsFeatures input from a leading scientist with over 20 years of research and instruction experience in the field

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19 settembre
Elsevier Science

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