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Nonfiction from a nonprofessional's viewpoint about the current problems in Cosmology resulting from the apparent straying of scientists and those who support them today even in the face of contradicting factual evidence and illogical conclusions based only on observed effects. 

Author Bio: I note in the Introduction that I am a "Fan of Science" and not a scientist, but that my objectivity has led me to write about what I think is true and that which is false.

In 1970, I enrolled under the GI Bill into a two-year community college to see if I could do the work, as I had dropped out of school after the tenth grade.  I made the Dean's List twice and moved on to the UH for a BA in Sociology.

Before that, I had several jobs after I left the military, then I completed a course in Cosmetology and worked as a hair stylist for several years.  After college, I became a community activist, joined the American GI Forum and LULAC, as well as La Raza Unida Party, and worked in the struggle for a better life.  I worked for the state in the Welfare Department, then for the state employment agency working as a veteran's rep until I retired. 

Keywords: Theoretical Physics, No-Math Physics, Time And Motion, Objective Science, Logical Analysis, Contradictions In Physics, Fans Of Science, Professionals, About Time, New Theories In Science, New Ideas In Science, Wrong Ideas.

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