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A specialist in osteopathic medicine shows you how to be entirely pain-free in 12 weeks.

Knee pain affects millions of Americans—and women make up the bulk of sufferers. While it is the anatomy, physiology, hormones, and habits of women that likely determine when and how knees fail, many doctors still insist on treating women’s knees like smaller versions of men’s knees.

No More Knee Pain presents the first medically proven program designed especially for women. Written by Dr. George Kessler, who has helped hundreds of women heal their pain and reverse degenerative problems, this is the definitive book on female knee pain. Focusing on the structural and hormonal issues that bring about knee problems in women, No More Knee Pain will have you feeling stronger, healthier, and in much less pain within six weeks. Offering treatments for both prevention and healing, it includes straightforward information on:

   • What mainstream medicine offers women with knee pain—and what it doesn’t
   • The importance of good posture
   • How unbalanced hormones can take a toll on your joints and what to do about it
   • What to eat in order to ease joint pain
   • Exercise dos and don’ts
   • Mind-body factors
   • Nutritional supplements
   • Alternative approaches
   • Body mechanics, posture corrections, and knee exercises that really work—in just a few minutes a day
Filled with case studies, simple exercises, and time-tested wisdom, this breakthrough book will help you say good-bye to your knee pain—and walk comfortably through the world again.

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