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Trent doesn't want to hire a woman in his company - he has to. His company's HR department is demanding that he interviews candidates of the opposite sex for well, any position really. When he sees the line of stunningly beautiful women standing in a perfect straight line, he intends to make it as impossible to pass as he can.

"Strip or leave."

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

He growled when he saw us walking in, every muscle in his body stiffening. The fact that he was shirtless threw us off, but none of us was willing to let him know that. The only thing he had decided to put on was a pair of jet black pants that hung low on his hips.

Muscles rippled on his skin at every movement he made. Smoke billowed around him, making him seem like a God amongst men. The smell of burning paper and cigar filled my lungs and I glanced away from the man to stare at the burning in his waste basket. What kind of man starts a fire in his own office?

I felt an acute surge of desire as my eyes went back to him. He seemed exactly like the type of man who would burn things that displeased him in his office.

He maneuvered his way from the seat and stared at us with barely concealed annoyance. His jaws were clenched and he sent Frazier a look of pure, unadulterated hatred. Frazier excused himself from the room without saying a word, attuned to his employer's demands.

Then, he focused the same look on all the women in the room, studying each and every one with an intensity that made my knees week. I could feel my heartbeat speed up already. I was last in line and it only gave time for my nervousness to build up.

My breath hitched in my throat when he focused his gaze on me, deliberately taking in the sight of my trembling body. I wouldn't have felt more exposed if I had been completely naked. He circled me like a predator ready to strike, drinking in the sight of my body.

I wondered if he knew his gaze was setting my body alight with lust. He seemed to be particularly fascinated by the panicked look in my face. I looked down and stared at my butterfly high heels, glad to have the winged creatures distract me.

"Strip or leave."

His deep voice vibrated through the air like a bass drum, menacing and dangerous. My throat squeezed tight and I stared at the owner of the voice. He wasn't kidding. This perfect and insane man expected us to strip.

From beside me, I could hear the women's indignant protests.

"Just who do you think you are?"

"I'm not stripping!"

"Why would you even say that?!"

"It's the…”

I took off my jacket and let it drop onto the floor.

Narrativa e letteratura
19 maggio
Boruma Publishing

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