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These beliefs, handed down from generation to generation, they find fertile ground in the minds of most people. It often happens that a person aware of some superstition, but is convinced that it is something completely ridiculous, ending with the adoption of the known remedy to avert the supposed danger. Who knows an open umbrella inside the house, bad luck, can not help but close, as many avoid going under a ladder leaning against a wall. Others worry if a black cat crosses the road, others try to avoid numbers 13 or 17, especially if they fall on a Friday, not to mention the ancient belief that, on Tuesday and Friday, you should not take trips, and there you must marry. Who is convinced that he did sign the evil eye, often with horns protection, horseshoes, pieces of red cloth, hunchbacks, heads of garlic and other amulets, believed to be safeguarded and protected. Even today, some remedies to protect against misfortune or feared possible drawbacks, are those of touching wood when you meet a supposed evil eye or a funeral without the coffin, to the horns with one or both hands, or even for certain men, touching the private parts, possibly in secret. These superstitious beliefs and rituals function, certainly questionable, but whose stay in time, to this day, it is a fact that invites reflection on their anthropological significance is still not well understood.

2 luglio
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