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This book is a step-by-step program and information you've been looking for – the proven techniques and steps to take that will help you shred your debt while finally learning how to manage – and save - your money!

Are you drowning in debt? Has the economic meltdown finally hit you where it hurts – in a way you never expected? Have you hit the wall with nowhere to go – and nowhere to turn?

STOP! It's time to change things around – and this book will show you how and help you and your family turn around the constant struggle to meet your credit card debts – and finally start living the way you want to live – the way you always dreamed of living.

It can help you deal with the credit card companies, the banks, the department stores – and take your life back! Stop the harassment! Stop the annoying phone calls! Stop living paycheck to paycheck – with no money left over for savings! It's time to take charge of that credit monster!

You'll find valuable information that will explain why bankruptcy may not be the right answer for you – despite what you may think. While bankruptcy may seem like a good idea to erase your debt, it's certainly not an ideal situation. Plus, the laws have changed significantly – and it's harder than ever to use bankruptcy as a "way out!" Remember – bankruptcy is your last resort.

This book will show you alternative ways to deal with your debt – from contacting credit card companies to working on ways to pay down your existing debt. But the key is to help you get on track by understanding how you got into this situation in the first place – and learning to manage your money so you won't repeat the mistakes again.

You'll learn not just how to manage the debt and credit crunch you're in now – but more importantly, you'll learn how to budget your money – how to save your money for a better life.

Every technique in this program is proven to work! Every secret we'll share with you has helped others. Every tip, suggestion and recommendation you'll find works – period! No second-guessing!

So great ready for a fresh start!

From the very first chapter this book shows you your guide to financial freedom – by helping you develop a budget that you can live with. You'll find a sample budget prepared for you – all you'll need to do is copy it, fill in your expenses – line by line, category by category – to see where your money is going every month – and how much money you'll have left over. If you've never worked with a budget before – this is the place to start.

By putting together a budget you'll be able to manage your money in ways you've never dreamed possible.

This book is going to put you on the road to financial freedom. It is your roadmap to success. This book will show you all the techniques, secrets and reasons why you CAN get out from under your debt.

You'll learn things like:
- Why using cash or an ATM is much better for you and your future than swiping that plastic credit card when making a purchase
- Why you should avoid getting another loan – to pay off the ones you already have
- Why you should avoid – AT ALL COSTS – those "payday" loans you see on almost every street corner
- Why setting up a budget is crucial – if you're going to be successful in managing your money
- Why you might consider consolidating all of your debts into one loan – and when to do it

Once you start applying the information and techniques inside this book you'll feel good about yourself – you'll know you're doing what's right for you and your family – and you won't revert back to those old ways of spending.
You've probably seen what poor money management has done to your finances... and you're sick and tired of it.
Sooner or later, everybody gets stuck in financial crisis. Some never get out. If you're there and can't seem to escape, put this book to work for you and start seeing consistent savings in record time.

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