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This book about Paul is based on biblical passages from the book of Acts and Paul’s letters and comes to life with colorful pictures and exciting sounds.



- READ to your child as you both are drawn in by the powerful illustrations.

- LISTEN to the stories told by a great storyteller.

- HIGHLIGHTING words when listening to the storyteller.

About The Children's Bible


Follow the little narrative animal, and watch Noah building the ark or Jesus healing sick people! Children will have fun listening to the stories and waving, winking, hopping, roaring, or doing many of the other things the stories suggests. This Bible is forty pages of learning fun with interactive features and sounds.

The Little Children's Bible Books are the first step towards getting children interested in the Bible. Short sentences, little words, few details and small smiles make this a very special digital book series for ages 3-7. 

This series has sold several million copies in over 24 different languages all over the world. 

A Note to the Big People


The Little Children’s Bible Storybook may be your child’s first introduction to the Bible, God’s Word. This is a DO book. Point things out and ask your child to find, seek, say, and discover.

Before you read these stories, pray that your child’s little heart would be touched by the love of God. These stories are about planting seeds, having vision, learning right from wrong, and choosing to believe.

In this DO book, wave, wink, hop, crawl, or do any of the other things the stories suggest so this can become a fun time of growing closer. Pray together after you read this. There’s no better way for big people to learn from little people.

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