Peach Tree Complete Series (Gay Romance Box Set) Peach Tree Complete Series (Gay Romance Box Set)

Peach Tree Complete Series (Gay Romance Box Set‪)‬

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The complete Peach Tree series. Seven couples find their happily ever after in the small town of Peach Tree.

Peach Tree Life: Wyatt was never the good brother, but now he's the only one who can take care of his two little nephews. After losing their parents, the two little boys are heartbroken. Wyatt doesn't want to uproot them so he moves to the small town of Peach Tree.
Sam is prone to panic attacks and he only just escaped his abusive ex. He doesn't plan to get involved with anyone until Wyatt comes along.
Wyatt is a man who knows what he wants, and he's not afraid to go after it. Just when Wyatt is sure to get his way, trouble finds them. With Wyatt by his side, can Sam finally fight back against his fear, or will it wreck everything he found?

Peach Tree Love: When a job offer falls through, Mitch agrees to fix up an old house that hides unexpected trouble. Rico is recruited to be his assistant and can't help but fall in love with the gruff handyman. Could Mitch ever feel the same?
Until he met Rico, Mitch believed he was straight. Now his whole word has been turned upside down. After all the hardships in his life, could this be the one time when everything works out just right?

Peach Tree Manny: Julian doesn't have good memories of his childhood home in Peach Tree, but he's moving back there for the sake of his little brother.
Rob is a little rough around the edges and not afraid of a fight. His protective side is what Julian notices first, but it's Rob's kindness that wins him over.
Both men have old pain and troubled histories to overcome. Will they realize their love was meant to be?

Peach Tree Baby: Andy doesn't like his chances when it comes to finding the perfect man in a small town. Plus the scars and the limp from an accident don't help his self-confidence. When Andy brings his baby daughter home just in time for Christmas and hires a manager to help him run the inn, things start to turn around for him.
Leo is hot, built and has a take-charge attitude. That man just fits at the inn, in Peach Tree and quite possibly in Andy's life.
Will Andy realize he finally found the perfect man, or will a secret from Leo's past make him lose faith in the man he loves?

Peach Tree Family: Desperate and out of money, Seth comes across a house that's been abandoned for years just as Theo and his little brother, Ace, show up to claim it their inheritance.
They grudgingly share the shelter they found, and Seth and Theo start to lean on each other. Theo can't resist the sweet hunk for now, but Seth is sure Theo is the only one he wants. He just has to convince Theo to let his guard down and listen to his heart.

Peach Tree Bodyguard: Moving to Peach Tree, all Lane wants is security for his little girl, Nola, and his grandmother, nothing more. But how can he resist his hot, arrogant neighbor with a cute dog.
Joss has secrets and scars, and he's in Peach Tree to do a job, not get involved. Both men are playing with fire, but as their secrets come out, it's Joss who has to convince Lane that he's not in danger. When Joss is proved wrong, their whole world might be torn apart.

Peach Tree Christmas: After a difficult breakup, Gabe moves to the small town of Peach Tree with his shy little girl, Mazey. Gabe is looking for a fresh start and a quiet place to raise his daughter, but he didn't count on his brash new neighbor, Stan.
Stan is a little bit crude and not into relationships. He's absolutely sure he could never fall head over heels for any guy, much less his uptight neighbor with a kid. But then Stan gets a dog, and who can keep a dog a little kid apart?
Will Stan realize that Peach Tree is where he belongs and let himself finally fall in love?

Narrativa e letteratura
12 marzo
Trina Solet

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