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What would you do? Faced with an impossible decision, one that you couldn't live with no matter what you chose to do, what would you do?

Country music star, and lead singer of the band Out of Order, Dayton Thompson, had to make a split-second decision that saved his brother, Dexter's life, but ultimately ruined his life at the same time. Living with that night had become unbearable. To add salt to the wound, he is begged by Dexter to help him put an end to his torture and misery, making a choice that would devastate his family beyond repair. Going against their beliefs and family values, he cut the ties that only a family bond would have, leaving them virtually un-repairable, and all for brotherly love.

Returning home for the first summer in years, Dayton has to face his family once more. It's no surprise to Dayton to find the same hostile environment he had come to know, though this time, a curve ball is thrown into the mix by the name of Liberty, his seven-year-old niece, and she might just be the one who builds the bridge in the family that Dayton has craved. An unexpected development stuns not only him, but everyone around them. A summer of reconciliation and taking responsibility, a summer of scorching heat and a flickering flame that begins to burn so bright, it almost blinds him.

Forgiveness from others is one thing but forgiving yourself is impossible.

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September 9
M J Rutter

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