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Fed up of textbooks? We were. They just waffle on and on and… well you get the picture… 

Other revision guides aren't great, they don't make the info that you need to know clear, and they've got confusing and complicated layouts - not the thing you want when you just need to quickly search for that one bit of information.

So what's in this Unit 5d revision guide?

Well, we've got all the equations that'll you need in this unit, as well as all of the constants, and symbols. We've also got all of Unit 5d explained in a clear, concise and easy to read way. One of our main gripes as students is that we would have to read through masses of text to find just the bit we wanted, but here, we've cut the bits and waffle that you don't need and just got straight to the point. Plus - you can search this! If you need anything, it's only a search away, so stop wasting your time with the old-school indexes!

We've written this guide in such a way, so that if you've missed a lesson, or if you're a bit rusty on some parts, you can pick it straight up, as we take you step by step, even through the trickier parts. 

If it's in the course, we've got it.

So what makes ours better?

(1) Since we're on iPad, you can search, add highlights, bookmarks, and receive updates as well!

(2) It's written by students. We know what you want. Who else has a complete section on the equations, symbols and prefixes? When we were looking at revision guides, that was what we wanted, so it's in here!

(3) We don't rip you off. We've checked the prices out of others, and priced ours competitively, plus you get updates with ours! 

(4) It's pretty! Who likes looking at a badly designed book for ages?

(5) It's got just the information you need and nothing else. We've kept it clear, concise, and straight to the point. 

Please remember that this guide covers the AQA Physics A, A and AS Level course!

Also This guide is for Unit 5d - Turning points in Physics, an optional unit that you complete as part of Unit 5. You can grab that revision guide or our fantastic formulae guide on the iBookstore now!

One more thing - This is a re-written and resigned version of the old guide that we were doing - it's even better than the first, not a page has been upgraded, and we've also included a new section on a very tricky bit of the course to ensure that you get the most complete guide!

Want to say hello?

Drop us an email at: RoosterGuides@gmail.com

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