Play 2012 - The Burlesque Show - A Story Told

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An original play based on a true story --- while movies have been made....and, much has been said in regards to this matter in the last couple decades ---- I would say ---the last fifty years --- perhaps only the truth can be told by the ones that were there...and, still living to tell the story.....
For we are in the ending of the system of things her on earth...and, this is -- a -- revealing of the Book of Revelation in Holy Scriptures...
For not all females here on earth are one in Holy Spirit...while, each female has their own beliefs...with, their own life experience, as well, as each male!
Today however there is always some one, that feels, that they, must lead us!
The humans race, I am, of course, speaking of --- perhaps --- because --- we are human.....and, so many live in the flesh without compassion....and, love for the Father, our creator....and, his son the Lord Jesus Chris!
For they are lovers of themselves --- only themselves --- to be --- to themselves --- the importance that they believe in!
Which will lead us too -- the great battle of the flesh ---- which many call --- the great battle of Armageddon!
Simply meaning human against human!.
The true saints are not spoken for--- as so many have --- for the saints --- in the past...and, again --- in the last fifty years --- however each saint must speak for themselves ---- while, in the lords' Holy Spirit --- a spirit --- some --- will never understand...
The play was first released some time ago --- now being released again with vintage photos and a current one ---- perhaps allowing a little more light on the subject....
As the true Holy Saints will have their own timeline here on earth --- as this play has....
As a timeline will be for the ending of the system of things....also,here on earth!
For the lords' kingdom -- to return --- to then reign -- forever and ever!
Sanna comes from the writers' birth names, spelled from right to left...Farrakhan from the Holy Spirit.

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21 febbraio

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