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Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences 18+.  Contains language and actions some may deem offensive.  Sexually explicit content.  Violence.  Ménage – MFM.

In book seven of the Drekinn:  Sabrina had been part of the Drekinn from the moment she joined them; however, something deep within her had always felt off.  She’d never shared her feelings with anyone, she just went about everything as everyone expected her to.  Why not?  Wasn’t it what she was born to do?

Rayne and Storm had been pulled toward Drake, CO.  They’d stayed hidden with their group to get a feel of the town and its occupants.  What they hadn’t expected was to find their mate along with their brother.  But something felt off to the twins, leaving them to question if the feelings they were having actually were real or just wishful thinking about finally coming home.

No matter what the Drekinn Council had done, it had always felt like the Prentiss Agency stayed one step ahead of them.  Now that they had come home, memories surfaced, people began to look familiar, and for the first time they’d begun to feel as if they had the upper hand, until one person surfaced and they had to face the fact that though they’d spent their time protecting everyone that destiny had placed under them—one had slipped through the cracks—showing them that even the best laid plans for survival couldn’t stop what fate had planned for them—or could they?

Narrativa e letteratura
22 marzo
JK Publishing

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