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VOTE DEMPUBLICAN IN 2020 – Read President Short Pants and laugh* at both sides!

Like every teenage diary, Ronald Rump Jr’s is full of shameful secrets. It’s just that these ones belong to his dad – who happens to be President of the United States.

Ronald Jr is the kind of kid who knows there is only one C in “Apocalypse” and two Ds in “Armageddon.” So, the fact that his dad’s new business cards spell “President” without a T is making him a tad nervous.1600 Pennsylvania Avenue’s newest, youngest and, in his own eyes, smartest resident has two big ambitions – lexicographical triumph in the coming Big DC Spelling Bee and winning the hand of Ex-President Honolulu’s delightful daughter, Honey.

But, in a Washington DC world not entirely dissimilar to the America of 2019, where his social-media-obsessed classmates spend all their time on Me Tube, Glamstarr and Twutter, or watching right-on TV presenter, Calvin Snuggly, on PCC, or frothing shock-jock, Russ Tabernacle, on Wolf News – can an unusual boy like Rump Jr – more nineteenth-century than twenty-first – ever really fit in?

And, how will his dad – the perpetually irascible President Rump – get on, in his own daily Twutter battles against Machiavellian President of the Crussian Federation, Dmitri Lupin, black-mailing leader of the hacking group, Geekylicks, Modem Lozenge, and the limpet-like special legal counsel, Prickland Molar? 

All this, while he tries to fulfil his promise to build “Mount Rumpmore” and get the Canadians to pay for it.

If you are a fan of The Onion, Saturday Night Live, The Late Show, or The Simpsons President Short Pants might be for you.

(*Legal Disclaimer: Laughter not guaranteed. Almost entirely dependent on possession of own sense of humor.)

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