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Proven and tested stages for transformation

Hollywood produces its on-screen heroes to take crucial steps to achieve their goals, and often against all odds. These same principles can be applied to anything you are seeking to accomplish or improve in your own story or life. 

Recognizing and following these proven and tested, cinematic stages of the hero's transformation will help you exponentially upgrade your process, mindset, awareness, and ultimately fine-tune your purpose.

Find your purpose, improve and change your life

“Produce Yourself” compares the journey in all of us with that of our favorite heroes from movies and television. From developing better habits to improving finances; from starting a business to learning real estate strategies; from improving relationships to co-worker dynamics; from making days more effectual and distraction-free to harnessing the power of mindset; from improving health and diet to accessing the power of play; this book helps find and multiply your Why - why you are on your current journey and how to optimize it.

If you’re an entrepreneur, self-employed, or simply want a better, more successful and happy life, this book is for you.  It's for anyone who wants to understand the journey of their inner-hero and apply the same, time-tested formula to their own life.     

Using scholar Joseph Campbell and writer Christopher Vogler's iconic stages of the Hero's Journey, Terence Michael exposes his own Hollywood trajectory to share lessons and principles you can apply to your own process and approach.

A better way way to think for a happy and simplified life

What is your story?  Are you the hero?  Or just a supporting character?  You are the producer of YOU.  This book helps you find the tools to change, upgrade, or completely rewrite your story.  You can PRODUCE YOURSELF just like a Hollywood producer produces a star to overcome obstacles, turn failures into opportunity, and bring the elixir home.

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