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A preface briefly spells out the position of the author with respect to the book review. It is Christian and democratic and anti-Tsarist and anti-rabbinical. We make a few comments on what Jesus Christ taught and what we are well advised to believe. Chapter 1 briefly describes Sergei Nilus and my version of the Protocols. We note the self-serving and corrupt motives of the Russian police, if the authors, and a number of roughly accurate truths about rabbinical beliefs, whether actually written by Jews, or Zionists or not. We see two manifestations of Satan, that personage that Jesus and the Bible tells us is the true mastermind behind the corrupt world order. Chapter 2 segues to conservatism in general, and American current conservatism in particular, noting the forever seditious nature of this cloak of revolution and sedition. Some comments follow on talk radio, some notions and evidence of the radical and subversive nature of conservatism. Chapter 3 takes a look at ideologues, those that wish to polarize Congress and government for the sake of some purity of doctrine, actually impure BS. We look at the current state of affairs in Europe and America with respect to the intrusion and danger of Islam to Western Civilization, pointing out that adherence to the Koran and the French Republic (and ours) is not possible. Either the Muslims abandon Islam or abandon their adopted countries. Segueing back to the book review, we affirm again that Satan is the ultimate mastermind here, not Jews, Freemasons, the rich or any other human agency. Chapter 4 adds to a continuing vision of mine on the state of affairs in heaven. Jesus hands the reigns over to Divine Wisdom. I see the Angel of Death in Kansas before the creation of Adam. Now I see that Jesus was also incarnated as the Angel of Death for much the same reason that he was incarnated as the Son of Man, to save creation from evil and to rebuke and discredit the lies of Satan. We see no conflict between this double incarnation and that Christ is the only begotten son, one soul and spirit in two forms, child’s play for the Almighty to accomplish. Chapter 5 lays out my secret plan to save and regenerate America. Every night pray that God make our leaders do their duty whether they like it or not. I say make rather than ‘for’, because Paul prayed for Emperor Nero, and he and congregants received beheadings, crucifixions, torture and death in the arena. Make is better than for.

22 ottobre
Edward E. Rochon

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