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Quahbi’s mission is to retrieve a renegade Earthman, who in a misguided bid for freedom attempts to traverse the dangerous Neo Amazone Hotlands, which are teeming with hostile enemies and lethal predators.

ALIEN EDEN is a series of science fantasy and weird horror stories set on the untamed planet of Nemesis, a frontier world which is host to a plethora of bizarre and dangerous misfits of evolution, including a multitude of species and races of strange humanlike animals, many of which prey on humans and have bizarre feeding and sexual needs.

It is a world where the female of the species is often the dominant one. Tribes of wild amazons abound. Some of them are sophisticated with a complex social order and an intriguing history, while others are primitive, their culture less highly evolved. They worship vastly ancient, primordial goddesses, to which they pay tribute in the form of live human sacrifice.

Also dwelling upon this mysterious planet are races of primal amazons which are downright bestial and subhuman. They are often virtually feral, their instinctual nature being more akin to that of the planet’s lethal predatory animals than humanity.

It is here, upon this mysterious world, where the often misinformed explorers and settlers from Earth clash with the warlike cultures and rigid social mores of savage clans of the indigenous warrior women. They also encounter a menagerie of creatures with bizarre symbiotic and parasitic reproductive cycles, which often incorporate humans, and endure countless, unpredictable perils and surreal horrors.

Fantascienza e fantasy
13 maggio
Storm Publishing

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