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Quanta is a guidebook to the Fringe reality universe.
There has never been a book like Quanta.
Quanta is dangerous, engaging with Quanta is not for everyone.

To engage with Quanta you must achieve the wei line.
The wei line is defined as the time and energy it takes you to attain Quantavision, a type of peripheral vision that allows you to interact or exchange with the Quanta. Quanta is the LANGUAGE OF ALIEN LIFE.

Within the footage Quanta has multiple warnings and 2 death threats from alien entities.

These will not be pointed out to you, if you achieve the wei line, and find the death threats hidden within the Quanta, it behoves you to heed the warnings.
NO CGI or photoshop or other imaging software has been used to create the images found in this book. with exception to brightness and contrast, They are 100% as we found them. You will see alien culture and uncover the real truth about the alien agenda.

Quanta takes you from the firmament to reincarnation, discovers the mysteries of the universe and unravels the alien agenda before your very eyes, but the most astonishing revelation isn't the real bonafide aliens, or the discoveries of ancient mysteries, it finally provides the absolute proof that we live in a virtual universe, but that's not all, Quanta also makes a startling revelation that could change the very world we live in.

You will see alien creatures you have never seen before, this is Quanta disclosure.

Are you ready to know more
Prepare yourself for fringe reality.

Fantascienza e fantasy
15 gennaio
Marie Nancarrow