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Rebecca Jean longs for fewer rules and more control in her life, so she writes stories about Laney, the self-assured, with-it girl she wishes she could be. One day, furious and frustrated, she writes a different kind of story. One of revenge. When it unfolds exactly as she wrote it, her life is forever altered.

She can’t believe it’s real. Really, how could it be? Even so, she writes another story. And then another. When they play out with unerring accuracy, she feels exhilarated and empowered, but also uneasy and a little guilty. What is happening? And there are consequences, a sort of quid pro quo of which she is the target. Some stories take unforeseen twists. She is keeping secrets from her best friends. Laney steps off the page and takes up residence in Rebecca’s head. When she finds herself having conversations with this disembodied voice, Rebecca worries she has gone completely bonkers. All she wanted was a little control in her life! Trapped in an escalating mess of her own making, she sees no way out.

Against the backdrop of high school dramas, best friends, first loves, and family, Rebecca searches for answers. What she finds will test her core beliefs. Will she be willing to accept what she must do to have true power over her own life?

Fantascienza e fantasy
28 ottobre
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