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This is the simple story of two college students who find themselves involved in a dream experiment which reveals new metaphysical reality. (If you see that as a contradiction… good!)

Those who may be interested in this story instinctively sense there is something more to who we are than just a collection of cells designed to walk around a bit, eat, copulate, and then rot in the dirt. Think about it! Does that make any sense at all? That’s like a future archaeologist digging up the ancient ruins of the Daytona Motor Speedway ten thousand years from now and writing up his findings as, “…it was used for absolutely nothing, a concrete oval of no significance or function!” Perhaps atheists would buy into that, but not you and I. To us, 20 million tons of concrete must have had a purpose and we’re going to find out what it was! Casting off something as important as our own lives as “meaningless” seems to be the epitome of cerebral sloth. In school, when an atheist came upon a complicated math equation they could not solve, did they write “NOTHING” as their answer and expect to receive full credit?

Even for the devout, there are still a million questions that no book can answer, and intelligent people are still asking them. This book pushes no religion, yet the term “spiritual” may be used to describe its underlying theme, interwoven throughout the plot.

If there is a place where God can be reconciled with science, a single point in the universe where they finally shake hands, it lies deep in the uncharted region of our own subconscious mind. The answer to almost anything is right there, if you search hard enough!

This is a story for the few who still wonder about the “BIG THINGS” in life, like our very place in the universe. However, this is not the sleepy narrative of an academic lecture. It’s a mystery that takes place on the campus of the University of Vienna and as the home of Sigmund Freud, of course dreams are involved!

In a sentence, if you have ever stared up at the stars and wondered, you should enjoy this novel; a story that starts off very simply (in the juvenile hall of a college cafeteria,) and then gets more complicated.

By the end, you may be asking yourself new, meaningful questions and what’s more, actually looking inside yourself for the answer. Consider that! A question answered from within without even the assistance of Google!

“Questioning;” man’s greatest attribute over his animal rivals and the source of everything fantastic we have ever achieved as a race, yet sadly, something most people no longer do. (Unless you would still count reflecting on who will take home the Grammy for “Best New Artist.” The way society is headed, that may someday be the pinnacle of critical thinking!)

“…Question my own place in the cosmos? Who has time for such nonsense! I’m far too busy with Facebook posts and re-tweets to ponder something like the notion of “time!” “Time” is simply the movement of clock hands represented by a number on my cell phone… isn’t it?...”

Unlike the dope that said that, if YOU would like to ponder “time,” and even your very own existence while following a fun mystery, this book may be for you. Thank you for reading about Adrian and Susan!

Fantascienza e fantasy
20 febbraio
Matthew McKinley

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