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Episode 12, Quantum Troopers. After the disaster at Engebbe, where an entire detachment save one survivor was lost, Quantum Corps decides to forge ahead with a plan to equip all nanotroopers with personal ANADs. But the Engebbe survivor has unwittingly brought back an unexpected menace…and there was another survivor unknown to the Corps. As the Symbiosis Project gets underway and troopers are modified to receive their ANADs, an alien master nanobot corrupts the embedded devices as they are being loaded. Only Johnny Winger has gone through this procedure before and he knows only he can pilot a rescue ANAD to stop the spread of this new alien swarm. But he winds up being attacked himself, by the disassembled remnants of one Lieutenant Dana Tallant, Bravo Detachment commander and once a love interest for Winger, once thought to have been consumed at Engebbe. Tallant is now an angel herself, a swarm of disembodied nanobots and she quickly insinuates herself into the troopers being modified. Only Winger can defeat this new threat but he has to engage it on a new battlefield…his own mind. He manages to win a difficult victory but he winds up changed forever…and the Corps’ project to build blended man-machine warriors through symbiosis with ANAD takes on a whole new meaning.

Fantascienza e fantasy
2 settembre
Philip Bosshardt

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