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Episode 16, Quantum Troopers. The Red Hammer cartel is using their own nanobotic swarms to melt the ice caps and alter the atmosphere. They’re doing this at the behest of their alien benefactors so the cartel will continue to have access to the aliens’ archives. The nanotroopers are assigned a mission to confront the enemy swarms in the Antarctic. ANAD isn’t working right but Johnny Winger has developed a relationship with Doc II, the nanobotic essence of old Doc Frost. The mission fails when Doc II isn’t quite up to the task. Worse, the cartel has a new device, called a pulser, that can create swarms at great distances or corrupt existing swarms remotely. Doc II has an idea: use killsats in orbit around Earth to contain Red Hammer. But when the pulser is used to create swarms aboard several killsats and the cartel takes command of them, cities around the world are threatened with a new ultimatum: pay up and allow the cartel a free hand, or else. The source of the pulser waves is traced back to the Red Hammer base in Hong Kong. Now a desperate assault is mounted against the cartel base but the mission stalls when Doc II is nearly obliterated by the new weapon. Winger and his nanotroopers have to fall back on an unreliable ANAD in an attempt to locate and destroy this new weapon, before the cartel lays waste to scores of cities.

Fantascienza e fantasy
28 novembre
Philip Bosshardt

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