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Colonel Johnny Winger has come back from near-death. Twenty years ago, the quantum trooper was swarmed and disassembled and left for dead. But the Corps was able to capture residual pieces of Winger and re-assemble them, as a Para Human Entity, a nanobotic swarm. The street slang term is angel.
Given new life in the last years of the 21st century, Winger finds himself once again embedded with Quantum Corps’ 1st Nano Battalion, facing a growing epidemic of loose fabs, bad nano and rogue DNA called twist, affecting cities all over the world. Now the criminal cartel Red Harmony has a new threat, operating subterranean vehicles called geoplanes underground to extend and protect their supply networks and distribute their illegal products to hungry users worldwide.
To stop this epidemic, Quantum Corps works with other agencies of UNIFORCE to locate and render inoperative these supply chains and the cartel’s transshipment points, even their main production labs. Operation Tectonic Dawn ultimately leads them to Jakarta, Indonesia and a complicated sting operation. With Winger and two other troopers masquerading as potential buyers, Red Harmony takes the bait, offering to allow the ‘buyers’ a chance to inspect their main labs.
The resulting agreement allows Winger and his quantum troopers unparalleled access to a place UNIFORCE never knew existed, a cartel production lab and plant directly beneath astronomical observatories in the high Andes of northern Chile. Once the lab’s location is pinpointed, Tectonic Dawn shifts into assault mode and overwhelming force is brought to bear to shut down this facility.
But the quantum troopers don’t realize that Red Harmony still has a few unpleasant surprises awaiting them.
First episode in the Quantum Troopers Return serial.

Fantascienza e fantasy
7 febbraio
Philip Bosshardt

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