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Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft which provides a user with a graphical interface to connect to another computer over a network connection. The user employs RDP client software for this purpose, while the other computer must run RDP server software.RDP refers to Remote Desktop protocol which connects your remotely connected computers or system over a RDP connected network. RDP gives a graphical interface to a client to be able to associate with another PC, system or network. RDP servers are built on Windows OS, but can be enabled to other OS as well. The major benefit of a remote desktop connection is being able to connect to your data from anywhere in the world. Your data is in one place that is easy to see and you no longer have to have software installed on your own computer.In Simple term RDP is a short form of Remote Desktop Protocol RDP specifies for home windows servers, it works as an icon to get in touch with an additional computer system, usually, it is utilized for attaching to a server organized in a data center to carry out jobs that typically do not need much user interaction and runs 24/7.Several of the extra usual uses of RDP servers are running bots, SEO devices, bitcoin mining, on-line video clip streaming, running forex trading software and so on.Most RDP servers providers that provide free services during trial period will request debit/credit card information, which is risky for us as they can claim any payment from the card. So that encouraged me to search for RDP services providers that can provide services during free trial period without requesting credit/debit card information. This report will investigate the possible ways to get free RDP server account or RDP server account at lowest cost. The report will consist from the following parts: 1.Some RDP Services Providers with free trials2.Some RDP servers providers that sell RDP with Credit Card, Debit Card, Bitcoin, PayPal or other E-wallets 3.Getting free RDP from freerdpserver.com4.Getting free RDP from Google Cloud5.Getting Google Cloud RDP/VPS for free for one month through Qwiklabs.com 6.Creating RDP through Alibabacloud.com7.Getting free RDP/VPS for seven days from CloudSigma.com8.Getting RDP/VPS through Microsoft Azure9.Getting Microsoft Azure RDP/VPS for free through Sandbox subscription10.How to get university email11.How to get RDP service for free through Microsoft Azure for students12.Getting free RDP from AWS Amazon13.How to get free RDP service with Amazon AWS Educate14.Some free websites that can be used to receive SMS online using numbers from some countries15.Generating virtual debit/credit cards using namso gold CC BIN generator for verification of some online services accounts

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