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Authored by a geophysicist with more than 50 years of experience in research and instruction, Reflection Seismology: Theory, Data Processing and Interpretation provides a single source of foundational knowledge in reflection seismology principles and theory. Reflection seismology has a broad range of applications and is used primarily by the oil and gas industry to provide high-resolution maps and build a coherent geological story from maps of processed seismic reflections. Combined with seismic attribute analysis and other exploration geophysics tools, it aids geologists and geo-engineers in creating geological models of areas of exploration and extraction interest. Yet as important as reflection seismology is to the hydrocarbon industry, it’s difficult to find a single source that synthesizes the topic without having to wade through numerous journal articles from a range of different publishers. This book is a one-stop source of reflection seismology theory, helping scientists navigates through the wealth of new data processing techniques that have emerged in recent years.
Provides geoscientists and geo-engineers with a theoretical framework for navigating the rapid emergence of new data processing techniquesPresents a single source of reflection seismology content instead of a scattering of disparate journal articlesFeatures more than 100 figures, illustrations, and working examples to aid the reader in retaining key conceptsArms geophysicists and geo-engineers with a solid foundation in seismic wave equation analysis and interpretation

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