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A working writer for more than 20 years, with many books, short stories, and articles published, award-winning author Laura Resnick has frequently written the wacky, stark, insane, improbable truth about the working life of a novelist for the country's top publishing trade journals. This book is a collection of those columns. Often ironic and always hilarious, Rejection, Romance, and Royalties voices the daily despair and rewards of the fiction writer's life for anyone who even imagines they want to write professionally or who wonders what the professional writing life is really like.

Laura Resnick is the author of the popular Esther Diamond series, whose releases include Unsympathetic Magic, Doppelgangster, Disappearing Nightly, and the upcoming Vamparazzi. She has also written traditional fantasy novels such as In Legend Born, The Destroyer Goddess, and The White Dragon, which made the "Year's Best" lists of Publishers Weekly  and Voya. An opinion columnist, frequent public speaker, award-winning former romance writer, and the Campbell Award-winning author of many short stories, she is on the Web at www.LauraResnick.com.

"From the role talent, passion, and luck play in a writer's life to dealing with difficult editors and publishers, Resnick doesn't pull any punches, but her hard-won, practical advice will inspire both aspiring and published writers as it helps them navigate the always choppy waters of the publishing world."                                                                        —Booklist

"Laura Resnick's witty comments on the struggles a writer faces in today's world of publishing are refreshingly insightful. A welcome voice in an often solitary profession."

—Jean Auel, author of Clan of the Cave Bear

"The best book on the writing life since Bird By Bird or The Artist's Way.  The incisive and insightful Laura Resnick cuts right to the heart of the joys, sorrows, costs, and rewards of pursuing the creative dream."  

—Teresa Medeiros, New York Times bestselling author

"Be still, my heart!  Laura Resnick's marvelous essays on writing are not only laugh-out-loud funny, but she does a wickedly accurate job of depicting the craziness of publishing—and the creative passion that makes it all worthwhile. Recommended to all writers." 

—Mary Jo Putney, award-winning novelist

"Resnick's columns are always insightful and incisive. Oh, yes, and irreverent and irresistible for those who are published and those who want (desperately) to be."

--Karen Harper, New York Times bestselling novelist

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