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Science is endless and the road on science or our research life is not always smooth and only those who are not afraid of failure, or hard work, or difficulties can reach the summit of the life or science mountain. The surgeon and professor Dr. Xu Ze in China is an example for us to learn on searching the oncology treatment and the new medications, who put hours and hours time in the operating rooms and in the animal rooms to search for the answer: understanding what Cancer is ? how can cancer be treated and be cured? How to help the cancer patients to live longer and to get the treatment and to get rid of all of the fear? how can we improve cancer care? How can cancer be prevented? Challenging scientific thinking and unbeatable surgical skills and unlimited dedication to the patients lead to all of these innovation discoveries on cancer medications and the new concepts of cancer and the new methods on the cancer treatment. Excellent surgery skills were very important to finish all of these difficult experiments. An excellent surgeon should be like an excellent human tailor who can make a healthy and beautiful human body. A lot of experiments and a lot of failure and tons of hours were put inside. In summary, it is the dedication to the human being health and devotion to oncology medicine and all of other medicine.

Whenever each of these series of book is done and is published, my tear cannot help full of both of my eyes because each of word plumps our hard work and hours and day and night. In this volume it is described that all of detail experimental and clinical verification of how Dr. Xu Ze get all of these new treatments and new medications. This volume is mainly discussing pharmacology and immune pharmacology about Xu Ze’s new discovery and new medications by immune control and regulation. Each word in this book comes from our hard work. In our practice the questions are found , then we come back to do the experiments to solve all of these questions; then come back to apply to our clinical practice to improve our patient care.

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