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Hide, Ethan! Resident Evil VII game guide contains a very detailed walkthrough, explaining how to solve all the puzzles, how to kill all the bosses and where to find the collectibles. It also describes all of the available achievements.
This Resident Evil VII: Biohazard guide contains a detailed description of how to beat the game. Here, you can find the explanations for all of the puzzles in the game and how to solve them. In this guide you can also learn how to fight the enemies and how to create useful items. There are separate chapters for controls, system requirements, achievements and trophies. Additionally, the guide for the demo is also available here.
Here, you can also find the maps for the locations with useful items (such as herbs and first aid meds) marked on them. Additionally, you can also find all of the secrets: Antique Coins, files and Mr. Everywhere statues.
Resident Evil VII: Biohazard is an action adventure and survival horror game. The previous two games focused on pure action at the expense of the horror atmosphere known from the previous games but the seventh installment goes back to the roots of the franchise. This time we play as a regular man named Ethan who, in search for his lost wife, must delve into the grim and seemingly abandoned residence located in the south of United States.
Resident Evil VII: Biohazard guide contains:
the complete walkthrough of the game;
the explanations and solutions for the puzzles;
controls and system requirements;
tips for getting all of the achievements.
all available secrets in separate chapters
location maps with the useful items marked on them

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