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This book is an interactive experience for anyone who wants to learn how to use a plunge router, which is widely recognized as the most versatile power tool in the shop. The author shows how to make a selection of furniture using just a plunge router, a small selection of router bits, easy- to- obtain wood and hardware that is readily available from your local DIY store.

From the anatomy of a router through to different types of router bits, you are shown all you need to know about the featured tools. From there you are introduced to a series of routing techniques that will be invaluable as a basis for making a number of projects. Some simple jig- making is required and this is explained in detail too. Good routing procedures are an essential part of router woodworking and this is comprehensively covered, as well as the necessary safety precautions.

The book shows step-by-step how to achieve all of this, and at every critical stage there is a video showing you the processes involved in great detail. This immersive experience shows how to use your router in a way that has never before been achieved.

The book has a great searchable navigation system so it is easy to find exactly the content you need, as well as hot links in the book to help you navigate. The pages feature selectable text where you can obtain definitions through Apple's superb definitions and dictionary interface.

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